Our History

How it all began

Delany College was originally known as Patrician Brothers’ High School (Years 7-10). Established in 1942, it was one of many Patrician schools in New South Wales and throughout the world.

In 1997 the school became a co-educational College (Years 7-12), to reflect and meet the changing needs of the community.

In honour of its rich Patrician heritage, the College was named after the Patrician Brothers’ founder, Bishop Daniel Delany.

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Daniel Delany

Named after the great saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, the Patrician Brothers were founded in Ireland in 1808. At that time in Ireland, ordinary people, and particularly the young, faced bleak futures in a degraded and often violent world. Education, in its many forms, became the main way the early brothers tried to help the people around them, and thus built a more Christian and hopeful society.

Today, Delany College continues to follow the expression of Daniel Delany's vision. Our College is distinctively Patrician because our faith in Jesus Christ is not separated from the everyday realities of life. Rather, we seek to recognise and proclaim the presence of Christ in all people and in all of creation.

Rejoicing in hope, through prayer, Eucharist and care for those most in need, as the future unfolds we enthusiastically build on these Patrician traditions.


Principal Assistant Principal
2016 - current
Robert Muscat
Anthony Blomfield
2009 - 2015 Peter Wade Rick Grech
2006 - 2009 Peter Wade Michael Carniato
2002 - 2005 Kevin Jones Paul Ryan
1999 - 2001 Michael Krawec Paul Ryan
1997 - 1998 Quentin Evans Greer Trevillio
1996 Michael Barrington (Acting)  
1978 - 1995 Brother Joseph Crowley  
1975 - 1977 Brother Raymond Eves  
1970 - 1974 Brother Celestine Mulhall  
1969 Brother Callistus Keating  
1969 Brother Gerard McCluskie  
1963 - 1968 Brother Cronan O'Meara  
1960 - 1962 Brother Peter Johnson  
1952 - 1959 Brother De Sales Gilbert  
1948 - 1951 Brother Gerard Histon  
1942 - 1947 Brother Joseph Tierney  


School Captains

2017  Wesley Swalah Mcdahrou
Hilary Lim
Jayden Da Silva
Thorie Tembo
2015 Lamia Germanos Taylor Dib
2014 Santa Mandera Andre Farah
2013 Folio Emelio Melissa Fernandes
2012 Joseph Semaan Reanne Chidiac
2011 Peter Zaidan Henanita Fatu
2010 Daniel Taha Vanessa Cabassi
2009 Nigel Fernandes Rosanne Taouk
2008 Giammarco Testa Elham Moubarak
2007 Daniel Bunoza Amanda Mansour
2006 Daniel Haidar  Iktimal Mansour
2005 Chris Haidar Jennifer O'Donnell
2004 Daniel Karam Rebecca Hanna
2003 Peter Granata Tania Haouchab
2002 Joe Khoury Jumana Hasna
2001 Charbel Remaili Suzana Maric
2000 Tony Haouchab Rosemary Chidiac
1999 Goran Bicanic Ima Younan


Year Books

Beautiful memories for you to keep

The Delany College story grows richer each year. Our school is action-packed with a multitude of activities, creative arts events, plays, and trips happening throughout the year. Take a look inside each yearbook to get a taste of what happens in a typical school year at Delany College.

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