2019 Geography Collaroy Excursion

In Stage 5 Geography, students have been learning about environmental change and management, focusing on coastal environments. To gain a better understanding of sustainable management, staff from the Geography team decided to take both year groups Y9 & Y10 on a field trip to Collaroy Beach to examine the human-induced environmental impacts on the coast, as this was the topic of our upcoming assessment.

Students were assigned instructors for each group and discussed the danger of rising sea levels and coastal erosion, analysed the weather, took samples from the beach and talked about the natural environmental services keeping the beach sustainable.

Students were also handed booklets before we floundered through the steep sands to take notes of the information students needed most. Despite having to do work, it was still quite a fun day out at the beach for all staff and students when student stated “I enjoyed it because the air was very fresh compared to the suburbs, it was also a good field trip to go on because all of the information we needed was provided through the field trip and I did not have to be stressed about the assessment”. Year 9 and Year 10 students would like to thank their teachers for the wonderful experience and we hope the grades next year have an equally great experience.