Delany Students take the Write Path


On 8th October, six teams of Year 7 Delany students joined students world-wide in a short story writing event called Writepath International.

Well-known authors post the opening paragraph for six stories to a blog; the student writing teams then continue the story and post it to the blog, ready for students in the United States, Britain, Hong Kong or other countries to take their turn.  The stories take amazing twists and turns as they pass from school to school!

The enthusiastic and well-prepared Delany students rose to the challenge of reading, writing, editing and posting within their one hour limit, but it was an adrenalin-charged hour!  Their stories will be published in a book early next year.

"This experience gave us a chance to dive into our imagination and create new worlds." Irene and Talisha

"It was an amazing experience to let our creative side go wild." (Suny, M.J and Jamal)

Writepath group