Shadow Minister for Education impressed by 21st century approach

Ryan Park meets Kindergarten students at St Monica
Ryan Park meets Kindergarten students at St Monica's Primary

Shadow Minister for Education and Member for Keira, Ryan Park, and Executive Director of the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations, Anthony Farley joined Executive Director of Schools, Greg Whitby, to visit three schools in the Diocese of Parramatta on Monday 24 November.

The visit was an opportunity to see 21st century learning and teaching first hand, and speak to principals, teachers and students about the impact of innovative practices such as the Delany Connective, project-based learning (PBL) and agile learning spaces.

At Delany College in Granville, Principal Peter Wade and academic partner Miranda Jefferson led a tour of the Delany Connective and explained the learning wheel which focuses on educating the ‘whole’ person through the 4Cs – communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

At Parramatta Marist High Principal Br Patrick Howlett FMS and students demonstrated how the PBL approach to learning has developed students’ confidence, collaboration and research skills and deepened their interest and engagement in their learning. At St Monica’s Primary in North Parramatta, Principal Louise O’Donnell led a tour of the agile learning spaces and discussed how the learning environment enables highly stimulating student engagement and collaborative teaching to deepen professional expertise.

Greg Whitby said the day was a terrific opportunity for the Shadow Minister to see best practice education in a contemporary setting.

‘We are very proud of the outstanding work that is being undertaken in our schools each day by the teachers and staff providing a relevant and personalised learning experience for students,’ said Greg.

‘It was an absolute pleasure to share this experience with Ryan and Tony, visiting classrooms and meeting students to demonstrate exactly what we mean by 21st century schooling and to see the innovative approaches being introduced in our primary and secondary schools,’ he said.

Ryan Park said he was delighted to meet with students and teachers. ‘It was great to hear such positive and passionate feedback from students and teachers about how these learning strategies are making a difference,’ said Ryan.