Victor Dominello MP Visits Gallipoli Bound Delany Students

Gallipoli Team Delany

Our excited Gallipoli Team - HSIE Coordinator, Jennifer Venhuizen and students, Raphaella Chidiac, Beverley Kaviya, Krystal Docker and Divashna Kumar today met with Victor Dominello, Tony Issa, Barry and Jane Bullivant and Captain Tim Rowe, Facilities Staff Officer at ADF Sydney.  They visited Delany to talk to the girls about their upcoming adventure to Gallipoli for the 100 year commemorative service. 

The girls showcased the ANZAC projects that earned them their place in the Gallipoli 2015 Schools Tour and listened to Captain Tim Rowe as he spoke about his career with the Australian Army.  He urged the girls to switch off their phones and disconnect themselves from social media as they immerse themselves in this amazing experience and just absorb the atmosphere of the place and the people celebrating the history of the ANZACs. 

Tony Issa spoke about the the girls having the support of the Delany community and the Government in getting them to Gallipoli and the great privilege that they have in representing their school and NSW in April.

Principal, Peter Wade thanked the girls, their dedicated teachers and the Government for extending this invitation to schools and enabling them to take part in the experience of a lifetime.

Captain Tim and the Gallipoli Team
Victor Dominello, Tony Issa, Peter Wade