Learning and Leadership Programs

Today's students for tomorrow's leaders

The vision of Delany College extends beyond school life. Not only do we develop in students an awareness of the world community, but equally we encourage each in individual, a real spirit of justice and responsibility to work in union with others for the good of humankind.

Consequently, we see each student as a potential leader, someone who can develop his/her God-given mandate to be a light to the world. That is why our College places so much emphasis on character growth. No matter what their role in life, our students can grow to serve one another, and be examples of compassion, integrity and vision.

Many opportunities are available for students to develop leadership qualities.

Student Leadership (Years 7-10)

The Student Leadership structure is underpinned by the Catholic values of subsidiarity and servant leadership. The portfolio leaders – Communication, Events and Formation – work towards giving student agency and voice in school-wide planning. Our House Leaders – Campion, Chisholm, MacKillop and Tierney – with Y7 to Y10 representatives, promote the Delany spirit and drive its permeation across all facets of College life.

Senior Leadership Program (Years 11-12)

The College also operates a senior leadership program for students in Years 11 and 12. The leadership team is responsive to the needs of the community and model collaborative leadership for all students in the College.


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