Pastoral Care

Delany College has an excellent reputation for its pastoral care and positive student management policies.

We encourage all students to develop positive relationships that reflect the Gospel values of dignity, respect and reconciliation. Our College prayer, ‘The Breastplate of St Patrick’, proclaims that Christ is present in all people and in all creation. This is the basis of all our actions and attitudes. With this in mind, we take the person of Jesus as our model in our relationships with all people.

Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing is the direct responsibility of the whole Delany College community.

We seek to develop the student as a whole person by responding to the needs of the individual. Members of the Delany College community are encouraged to care for one another and foster the growth of a living faith community.

Our aims are to:

  • to base all interactions on the values of the Gospels, primarily forgiveness, compassion, respect, and tolerance
  • to recognise the dignity of the individual
  • to acquire real knowledge and understanding of the life, disposition, attitudes, beliefs, practices, and habits of the students and staff, to enable more effective student wellbeing response and education
  • to appreciate the individual’s value within the community
  • to develop confidence and self-esteem within the individual
  • to encourage sensitivity to the needs of others
  • to provide and maintain support for students to assist them in their personal and faith development
  • to provide and maintain support for staff to assist and encourage their personal, professional and faith development
  • to encourage an attitude of responsibility within the individual so as to promote self-discipline.

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Student Representative Council (SRC)

Another focus of our wellbeing program is student leadership. Each year, students elect year representatives to the Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC meets regularly with the principal to discuss school improvement, organise events and initiate fundraising schemes.

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Connected Catholic Community

The Catholic parishes of Granville are central to the life of Delany and the faith development of all students and staff.

The College is part of a larger family of faith serving the parish communities of:

  • Holy Trinity Parish, Granville
  • Holy Family Parish, East Granville
  • St Margaret Mary’s Parish, Merrylands
  • St Patrick’s Parish, Guildford
  • St Oliver’s Parish, Harris Park
  • Our Lady Queen of Peace, Greystanes

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