Religious Education

A proud tradition

Delany College is part of the network of schools in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) providing quality K-12 Catholic education.

Our Patrician heritage and Catholic values are integrated into school life with students participating in Religious Education, liturgies and retreat programs. Our highly professional and dedicated teachers and staff are committed to students achieving their best.

In close partnership with parents and the Parish, we work to ensure the spiritual, academic and social development of students.

We do this by providing a Religious Education program that is relevant and meaningful, and embraces the core Catholic beliefs and values.

In our Years 7-10 Religious Education classes students explore through collaboration, communication, creativity and critical reflection our Catholic church, history, rituals, personalities and beliefs. Projects were undertaken with a ‘real world’ context such as writing letters of recommendation to the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, planning liturgical celebrations and mapping personal pilgrimages. These projects givd students the scope to explore their own faith as well as think critically about the issues that face our world.

Senior students (Years 1-12) either undertake the Studies of Religion Course or the Catholic Studies Course. The Studies of Religion Course is an academically rigorous course which delves into the religious landscape in Australia and the belief systems of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. This course gives students the scope to examine the world from a variety of perspectives.

Our Catholic Studies students look into our Catholic faith in a deep and meaningful way. Their study of Catholicism allows them to understand the Catholic world view better and the ways in which our faith affects the world around us.

In addition students also independently participate a range of projects such as disability awareness campaigns, fundraisers for Papua New Guinea and creating sanitary packs for Youth of the Streets. These experiences give students insight into the needs of our local and global communities. Through unpacking the beatitude, 'Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy', our students develop a deep empathy with these communities and a genuine desire to be of service to make a positive difference to the world.

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