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  Term 2 Issue 1 2018

Principal's Update, Assistant Principal's News, Tell Them From Me Survey, Attendance, Religious Education News, Update from the Head of School Learning, CDSA Debating, Techgirl Superhero, Video Game Challenge & more...


  2018 Term 1 Issue 5 Newsletter

Principal, Assistant Principal, Pedagogy, Religious Education, STEM, CEO Information, Easter Show, Art Express, Zone Swimming Carnival, Patrician Rugby League Cup, UTS Mathematics Matters

  2018 Term 1 Issue 4 Newsletter

Principal, Assistant Principal, Religious Education, Curriculum, School Fees, Fast Forward Program, Pedagogy, International Women's Day, Child Studies, University Visit, Year 7 Induction Day

  2018 Term 1 Issue 3 Newsletter

Principal, Assistant Principal, Bullying, Religious Education, Pedagogy, Counselling, School Fees, Curriculum, Uniform Shop, Public Speaking Competition, Patrician School Leaders, Boys to Men, Year 8 Italian

  2018 Term 1 Issue 2 Newsletter

Principal, Assistant Principal, Religious Education, Curriculum, School Fees, Senior Visual Arts, Swimming Carnival helpers

  2018 Term 1 Issue 1 Newsletter

Principal, Assistant Principal, Open Day, Religious Education, Pedagogical Leader, Curriculum, School Fees, Canteen Menu

  2017 Term 4 Issue 4 Newsletter

Principal, Assistant Principal, Religious Education, Curriculum, Pedagogical Leaders, Uniform Shop, School Fees, Year 11 Mentor, Artexpress, Tasmania & Mona, Year 7-11 Awards, SLR,

  2017 Term 4 Issue 3 Newsletter

Principal, Assistant Principal, Creative and Performing Arts, Religious Education, Year 12 Retreat, Pedagogical Leaders, SLR, Curriculum, Uniform Shop

  2017 Term 4 Issue 2 Newsletter

Principal, Assistant Principal, Religious Education, Pedagogical Leaders, Curriculum, Christmas Hampers, Halloween Cake Stall, Sculpture by The Sea, CEO news

  2017 Term 4 Issue 1 Newsletter

Principal, Assistant Principal, Attendance, Curriculum, Religious Education, Pedagogical Leaders, The Anzac Spirit,

  2017 Term 3 Issue 5 Newsletter

Principal, Assistant Principal, Religious Education, Pedagogical Leaders, Unity Main Event, Bishop's Award, Year 10 SRE, Ontrack, Year 12 Major Awards, Year 12 Subject Placings, 2018 Leadership Team, ACU,Rotary Award, Year 12 Biology, Year 10 Geography

  2017 Term 3 Issue 4 Newsletter

Principal, Assistant Principal, Innovative Schools Award, Curriculum, 2020 Vision/Mission, Religious Education, Pedagogical Leaders, School Fees, Delany's Got Talent, Industrial Technology Major Works, Year 8.3, Year 10 Geography, Commerce Market Day, Basketball Gala Day, Delany Cup Final

  2017 Term 3 Issue 3 Newsletter

Principal, Assistant Principal, Attendance, Religious Education, Curriculum, Pedagogical Leaders, Bookweek, EMU, 7.4 Sweet Store Success, Year 10 Geography, Maritime Museum, Drive to Survive, Year 10 excursion, PDSSSC Athletics Carnival

  2017 Term 3 Issue 2 Newsletter

Principal, Assistant Principal, Delany Cup, Religious Education, Pedagogical Leaders, STEM, Curriculum, Changing Consent, Monsignor McGovern Art Prize, Hospitality, Sport

  2017 Term 3 Issue 1 Newsletter

Principal, Assistant Principal, Delany Day, School Fees, Pedagogical Leaders, Multicultural Day, EMU, Fast Forward, Year 7 to 12 Awards, ACU, Delany Foundation, Sport

  Term 2 Issue 3

principal, a pioneer departs, assistant principal, attendance, religious education, curriculum, pedagogical leaders, emu, awards, high achievers, visual arts, food tech, ancient history, athletics carnival, sport

  Term 2 Issue 2

Principals Letter, Assistant Principals Letter, Religious ED, Pedagogical Leaders, Curriculum, Attendance at School, School Fees, Debating, Multicultural Day, Representative Sport, Gardening, Fast Forward Program, From the Past, HTG Parish Fair

  Term 2 Issue 1

Principals letter, Assistant Principals Letter, Pedagogical Leaders, Curriculum, Mothers Day Mass & Morning Tea, Year 12 Half Yearly High Achievers, Debating Team, Delany Student Wins Premiers Anzac Prize, Thursday Afternoon Sport, Year 11 SLR Sports

  Term 1 Issue 5

Principals Report, Premier's Anzac Memorial Scholarship, Assistant Principals, Religious Education, Pedagogical Leaders, Curriculum, School Fees, 2017 Secondary Schools Leadership Program, Life as a Year 12 Student, The Big Day in, Post School Option

  Term 1 Issue 3

principal, assistant principal, religious education, year 6 visit, swimming carnival photos, open day photos, 75th anniversary, pedagogical leaders, year 11 biology

  Term 1 Issue 4

principal, assistant principal, religious education, Pedagogical leaders, curriculum, school fees, writing workshop, mock trial team, cafs, science, year 7

  Term 1 Issue 2

principal, assistant principal, year 8, religious education, curriculum, pedagogical leaders, canteen menu

  Term 1 Issue 1

principal, assistant principal, the message of saint paul, curriculum, every learner, every day, pedagogical leaders, school fees, cyber safety, sport, anzac scholarship

  Term 4 Issue 5

principal, anzac scholarship, assistant principal, religious education, year 7-11 awards, advent reflections, captivate immersion, year 7 technology, christmas hampers, transition week

  Term 4 Issue 4

Principal, assistant principal, year 8, year 12 retreat, religious education,

  Term 4 Issue 3

Principal, Assistant Principal, CAPA night, SRE excursion, Yr English, Sculptures by the Sea, Year 10, Year 9/10 PASS

  Term 4 Issue 2

Principal, Assistant Principal, Townsville Immersion, Religious Education, Year 10, CAPA night, Mirath in Mind, Rock & Water

  Term 4 Issue 1

Principal, Assistant Principal, Religious Education, 2017 School Leaders, Diocesan Social Justice Launch, Year 11 VET Launch

  Term 3 Issue 5

Principal, Assistant Principal, 2017 School Captains, Graduation Mass, Year 12 Awards, Year 10 Geography, Delany Cup, Cultural Showcase

  Term 3 Issue 4

Principal, Assistant Principal, RUOK Day, Year 12 and TAFE, Delany's Got Talent, Thursday Sport, Science

  Term 3 Issue 3

Principal, Assistant Principal, WYD2016, Way of Mercy Liturgy, Curriculum, Chess Tournament, Year 7 English, Year 7 ACU Visit, Door Knock Appeal, PDSSSC Athletics Carnival

  Term 3 Issue 2

Principal, Assistant Principal, Curriculum, Survivor, Year 7 Fitness

  Term 3 Issue 1

Principal, Assistant Principal, Curriculum, Athletics Carnival, Every Day Counts, Multicultural Day, Rock & Water, Vinnies Day, Sydney Pacifica, Monsignor McGovern Portrait Prize, Yr 11 Visual Arts, WYD 2016

  Term 2 Issue 4

Skoolbag, Religious Education, Studying Weather Patterns, Curriculum, National Reconciliation Week, Mock Trial Team, AYCC Climate Summit & Yr 12 Business Studies

  2 June 2016

Mercy has a Face, Curriculum, Skoolbag, Post School Options, Year 11/12 Careers, Multicultural Day, Vinnies Van, ECEC Excursion, Senior Photography, Uday

  19 May 2016

Early Childhood Education Class, RU OK?, School Photographs, Volunteers & Contractors new forms, Monsignor McGovern Portrait Prize, Blood Donations and Helping Out.

  5 May 2016

Anzac Day, Medieval History, Mock Trial, Leadership, Legal Studies, Short & Sweet

  1 April 2016

Being connected, St Patrick's Day, Easter Events, Mock Trial

  18 March 2016

Teaching & Learning, Cyber Safety, Easter, 24 Hours with the Lord, Biology, NAPLAN, Year 7 camp, Geography & Science, Around the Grounds

  4 March 2016

REC leaving, Student Absenteeism, Walls, Safety, Vinnies Van, Public Speaking, Child Studies, Basketball, Visual Arts

  19 February 2016

Ash Wednesday, Lent, High Achievers 2015, School correspondence, New staff, Jubilee, Careers, Languages, Nutrition, PDSSSC

  5 February 2016

New Leadership, Visual Arts tour, 2016 Events, Expectations, Photos

  11 December 2015

Awards, Advent, 2016, Holidays, WYD, Student Achievements, Excursions, Careers, Transition Week, Farewells

  27 November 2015

Principal Farewell, End of Year, Events, Sports, PDSSSC

  13 November 2015

Year 9 Programme, Gospel Values, Holidays, World Skills, Matilda the Musical, Faith and Spirituality, Creative & Performing Arts, Principal Mass, World Youth Day, Student Leadership, Holy Trinity Fair

  30 October 2015

Delany Connective Building Works, Delany Golf Day, Learning, Vocations, PDHPE, Diocesan Mass, Excursions, European Arts Tour, Careers.

  16 October 2015

Asian Education Leadership Awards, Delany Connective, Asthma, Summer Uniform, Road Safety, Dubai 2015 Golf, Year 12, Excursions, Vinnies Van, European Senior Art Tour, CAPA night, Cultural Showcase, Mirath in Mind

  16 September 2015

Year 12 Graduation, New Principal 2016, Sports, Events, Photos, Academic Awards

  4 September 2015

Principal News, Vinnies Doorknock and sleepout, End of Term 3, Uniforms, Chess, Catechist program, Community garden, Patrician Brothers, Daffodil Day, HSC Industrial Technology, Athletics, Excursions

  21 August 2015

Br Charles Barry Diamond Jubilee, World Youth Day, Excursions, Lone Pine Service, Max Potential, Winter Wonderland, Patrician Leadership, Arts, Apprenticeships

  07 August 2015

World Youth Day, Excursions, workplace learning,

  24 July 2015

Refurbishment works, Gallipoli, UWS, Work Placement, Athletics

  24 June 2015

Fr Andrew Bass, EMU Graduation, Captivate, Events, Photos

  12 June 2015

Br Benedict Olsen, Captivate, Parent Teacher Student Conferences, Chess, Reconciliation Week, Debating, Johnny Romeo, Social Work, Visual Arts, Vinnies Van, Sports

  29 May 2015

Pentecost, Events, Digital Footprints, Athletics, Sports, Photos, Excursions, Teaching and Learning.

  15 May 2015

Fr Clifford D'Souza, Fr Andrew Bass, Photographs, Events

  27 April 2015

Gallipoli, Anzac Day, Captivate, Events

  27 March 2015

Holy Week, Vinnies Van, Dr Karl, Rock and Water, St Patrick's Day, Year 7 Camp, Arts, Renaissance, Gallipoli, Sports, PDSSSC events

  13 March 2015

Principal's Letter, Year 9 camp, Library News, Enrichment, Amazing Race, Volunteering Initiative, Catholic Schools Week, Sports, Swimming

  28 February 2015

High Achievers 2014, Safety at School, Bullying, Uniform, Exams, Maths Club, Year 7 Art, Business Studies Excursion, Child Studies, Gallipoli

  13 February 2015

Welcome to 2015 at Delany College. New Students, New Staff, Foundation Day, Patrician Brothers, Personal Bests, Diaries, Artworks for Sale, Open Day, Year 7 Photos

  12 December 2014

Academic Awards, Gallipoli 2015, Mentors needed, Mudrun, Surf Awareness, Dragsters, Blood Bank, Frankenstein

  28 November 2014

Learning of the Future, Advent, Touch Football, Leadership Conference, Year 12 Retreat, CAPA night

  14 November 2014

Anzac Day, Gallipoli, Learning Community, Theatre Etiquette, Sports, Outdoor Classroom

  24 October 2014

Mario Sukkar - Young Archies, Asthma, Uniform, Road Safety, Reminders, Reptiles Incursion, Intermediate Girls Oz Tag, Write Path, Big Day Out, Mirath in Mind, CAPA Night

  10 October 2014

Year 12, Bishop's Award, Leadership, HSC, Captivate, CCD Mass

  11 September 2014

Delany Connective, Gallipoli Ballot, Girls Talk, Rock and Water, Arts, Chess, Excursions, St Vincent de Paul, Photos, Reminders, Events

  28 August 2014

Patrician Brothers, Cyber Safety, Student Wellbeing, MONA Excursion, Daffodil Day, PASS Incursion, Dance

  07 August 2014

Saint Mary MacKillop, Reminders, Wellbeing, HSC Music, Year 8 Zoo, Chess, Workplace Learning, EMU

  25 July 2014

Trial HSC, Year 12, Wellbeing, Attendance, Reminders, Wellbeing, Young Archies, Captivate, Athletics Carnival Champions

  25 June 2014

Br Jerome Ellens, Patrician Brothers, Reports, Athletics Carnival, Student Wellbeing, Disability, MONA, Visual Arts Raffle, Careers Expo, Industrial Technology, Year 7 Connective

  6 June 2014

Sorry Day, Digital Technology, Being Me, Student Wellbeing, Work Studies Excursion, Photos, Events, College Photos, Debating, Vinnies Van, Careers, Parent Workshops

  22nd May 2014

Delany Open Day, Photos, Events, Work Placement, Privacy, Student Wellbeing, Cancer Council

  9th May 2014

Principal's Message, AP Report, Events, Photos, Anzac Day, NAPLAN,

  11th April 2014

Principals report, Assistant Principals report, Wellbeing Report, Year 9 Camp, Year 8 Retreat, 1963 Reunion, Girls Touch Footy Gala Day

  Friday 28th March 2014

Principal report, assistant Principal report, Fr Campion's funeral, SRC, From Wastelands to Wetlands, St Patrick's Day, Girls Basketball gala day, swimming carnival, Loritz Circus

  Friday 14th March 2014

Principal's Report, Assistant Principal's Report, Ash Wednesday, Curriculum Report, Book Review, Sports Medicine Awareness, Rock & Water, Amazing Delany Race

  Friday 28th February 2014

Principal report, Assistant Principal report, Religious Education, Public Speaking Competition, Wellbeing Report

  Delany News February 2014

Delany News, Events, Photos, Year 7, Start of Year, Awards, Canteen Menu.

  Delany News December 2013

Awards, HSC, End of Year, Christmas, Prizegiving, Mass